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Made to measure

If you are interested in having the perfect leather jacket for you the City Leathers made to measure service is the way to go. Leather jackets are an investment that will last for many decades if taken care of properly and for an extra fee; you are able to create the jacket of your dreams. You can receive high-quality leather jackets custom fitted to your body shape that will work for both style and riding.  Made to Measure uses your measurements, your colour choices and your style to create a unique jacket that will fit no one else the way it fits you. If you have short arms or broad shoulders, we are able to make sure your jacket fits you comfortably. Having the perfect fit on a garment that will last will quickly make this your favourite item in your wardrobe.                 

Why should you be getting a custom, bespoke leather jacket made? The best leathers are what you are going to get when you have us bespoke your leather jacket. There is a wonderful selection of different options, styles and designs to choose from that will perfectly suit your wants and needs. A custom, bespoke leather jacket is what you require if you desire a very good fitting garment, especially if you are riding. When you order custom leathers, you benefit from over 33 years’ experience in bespoke leathers and leather repairs.       

Express yourself and your individuality with our made to measure leather jackets. It is surely rewarding when you can slip your arms into your very own custom-made leather jacket. There are two different types of leather to choose from when ordering your made to measure leather jacket. There are many modern colours used today too. Nearly every single colour under the sun is available. There are numerous designs and patterns to choose from. You can ask for samples and photos of previous work we have crafted for our customers. Make sure to accessorise your leather garments as well if you would like. There is everything from unique buttons to fake fur available in many colours/designs and trims. No matter is you are a man or a woman, there is something you will like to accessorise your leather garment with, including patches too.               

Leather is the most hard-wearing garment material available and is quite versatile. Leather can be custom made into any garment but it is especially used in riding more than any other sport or function on the planet. Your leather jacket may very well be an identifying feature about you, especially if you are a rider. Do not waste your money on a mass produced, generic, cookie cutter type of leather jacket. It will not last for very long, is not original and will not give you that ‘perfect’ look that you crave.